Stairlifts & Platform Lifts​

Stairs are a major cause of falls which have a terrible impact on confidence as well as health. Timely fitting of a stairlifts or platform lifts provide an opportunity for you to be mobile and independent for longer.

Reduce Injury

Risk of injury increases substantially when user has difficulty with mobility, especially when using stairs.


A stairlift can transform an individual’s ability to remain independent and continue living at home. Once installed the users mental health and general wellbeing will significantly improve.


Advanced technology allows stairlifts to be installed on almost any type of staircase in a fast, cost-effective manner

Home is where a fall should never happen

Home is where a fall shall never happen

Did you know that first big fall can reduce your standard of life by 80%?

Our team of experts can access and modify your home, so you can get around confidently. Then we make sure all work runs smoothly and on time, so you can love your home for life.

We simplify the process

We don’t want there to be any delays to your home adaptations, so we have simplified the process as much as possible. We will help you avoid unnecessary barriers and remove stress.  The result will be high quality and timely adaptations so you can continue to enjoy your home.

Step 1 - Get in touch!

We will do a basic assessment of your needs and eligibility for the Disabled Facilities Grant on the phone. From this we can bring suitable brochures and examples of what we can do for you. We can also begin filling in the forms for a grant if it is available to you.

Step 2. Home Visit

We will look at your property and tell you what is possible. An occupational therapist can also attend if required. We will provide a quote. We can advise you whether the cost will be met by a grant (In which case there will be no cost for you). If you are paying for adaptations yourself and need help with payments, talk to us about Klarna credit.

Step 3 - Quote accepted and grant application submitted

The grant application is submitted to your local authority for approval. Any other paper work such as planning will also be submitted. Adapt Your Home for Life will organize a work schedule.

Step 4 - Completion of project

Your project will be completed to a high quality and signed off by Adapt your home for life and local authority.

Enquiry Form

Let us know what your problems are around the house and we will provide solutions. We can give you ideas of products that can help, or we can assist in changing the layout of your house and garden so that it becomes useable.

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