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Making A Dementia Friendly Home

If you have dementia, living at home can give you more independence. By making slight modifications to your home, you can continue to enjoy it, and keep up routines and activities that are familiar to you.

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Unaccessible kitchen
Accessible Homes

Living With A Disability

Living with disability is no easy task. Simple tasks such as preparing a meal, bathing or simply leaving your home can become difficult or even impossible.

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Elderly person sitting alone in house
Accessible Homes

Social Isolation

No one likes to feel lonely or isolated, but for many seniors, it’s a feeling they know all too well.

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Man in wheelchair in his accessible kitchen
Accessible Homes

The reality of accessible housing during lockdown

Accessible homes can change lives. This can mean increased independence, inclusion and quality of life. For example, good standard wheelchair housing could make the difference in being able to hold down a job, attend full-time education or simply visit family and friends.

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